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El Nido Freediving School


Founded in 2017 by local native Felix Tagalog, along with his fellow local freedivers, Seaborn embarked on a mission to share the captivating beauty of the underwater world with both locals and tourists. With deep roots in El Nido community, Felix and his team aim to provide the skills and knowledge needed to fully appreciate the underwater world.

Award winning COACH

Michael Sung is not just an instructor, he served as mainline safety in the Freedive Championship Dahab. This year, he achieved 75m FIM and 60m CNF. He trains and teaches in Dahab, Tenerife, and El Nido. Training in the Blue Hole offered him many learning opportunities with fellow freedivers.  He collaborates with Linda Paganelli and Lotta in their Sister Schools and enjoys camaraderie with Roberto Butera and Khaled el Gammel. 

Meet the Founder

Meet Felix Tagalog, a proud local from El Nido, known for his love of the sea. Growing up by the ocean, he earned the nickname "taong-dagat" or "sea person" because of his deep connection to the water.


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Wave 1 initiates your freediving journey, covering fundamental aspects such as mental readiness and relaxation techniques during breath-holds to build trust in your body's capabilities.


Wave 2 enhances skills in various disciplines, focusing on no fin and monofin techniques for efficient underwater navigation. Refine breathing and master Frenzel equalization through drills.

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