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His name is Michael Sung

Michael Sung is not just an instructor, he served as mainline safety in the Freedive Championship Dahab 2023.


Currently based between Dahab, Tenerife and El Nido, Michael Sung has been deeply engaged in training, teaching, and diving. Achieving 75m in Free Immersion (FIM) and 60m in Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) this year has been incredibly fulfilling for him. His collaboration with Linda Paganelli and Lotta in their Sister Schools has honed his skills in fixed-schedule teaching and personalized coaching.


Michael Sung served as mainline safety in the Freedive Championship Dahab 2023 was an enriching experience, especially bonding with Roberto Butera and Khaled el Gammel during safety drills and competition.

His training environment at the Blue Hole has provided ample opportunities for diving and learning from fellow freedivers, always surrounded by supportive energy.

The resilience of Red Sea corals in withstanding temperature changes without bleaching or nutrient depletion continues to captivate him, leaving him curious about the underwater world in Palawan. He expressed his eagerness to share this energy to his students in El Nido, envisioning it as a new family and a gateway to beautiful exploration.

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